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Grand Pimento Cheese

on Wednesday, 05 June 2013. Posted in Magazine, Reader Recipes, Eat This Summer 2013

My mother made pimento cheese when I was just a boy and I remember it very well.  I started making the Pimento Cheese about 15-20 years ago.  The Jalapeno peppers give it a “kick”. This can be served with crackers, used in grilled cheese sandwiches, spread on celery, or added to cooked grits for “cheese grits” (yum!).

Vidalia Onion Tart

on Wednesday, 05 June 2013. Posted in Magazine, Chef Recipes, Eat This Summer 2013

Vidalia onions are an edible hallmark of spring down here in the South. Vidalia onions are a sweet onion that hails from Vidalia, Georgia. Sweet onions with a less noble label are fortunately available throughout the year. They really make this tart sing, as the sweetness plays the most beautiful taste music against the salty back-notes of the bacon and lemmony earthiness of fresh thyme.

I love this Alsacienne-themed tart so much, I actually repeated it in Tart Love - Sassy, Savory and Sweet from its original home on the pages of Southern Farmers Market Cookbook. The only recipe I’ve ever repeated, it’s just that good and can be served warm, room temperature, or hot from the oven.  Bon appetit! 

Holly Herrick is a recipient of Le Grande Diplome in Cuisine and Pastry from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, France. A professional food writer and restaurant critic, she is the author of five cookbooks, and is underway working on another. Visit her site and blog at www.hollyherrick.com.

LEON’s Full Service

Written by Antonia M. Krenza & Laney Roberts on Wednesday, 05 June 2013. Posted in Magazine, Eat This Summer 2013

131 E Ponce De Leon Avenue
Decatur  |  Georgia  |  404.687.0500

Living in the culinary cosmos that is Charleston, it is not always easy to escape the orbit of her amazing dining experiences. When you do, however, break free of her gravitational pull, there are many gastronomic galaxies to explore …

It’s a rainy night in Georgia ... more specifically Decatur, Georgia. Damp and frustrated by the Atlanta traffic, we sprint into the shelter of this “gas station turned restaurant”. For those Charleston locals who think Fuel is cool (and it is!) LEONs takes this conversion concept to new levels. The bar and kitchen area - formerly the garage bays - has an English pub feel but the beverage focus is anything but... American bourbons, ryes and whiskey, local and international brews and an enticing seasonal house cocktail list. We opted for Bulleit Rye Manhattans up, something about the damp, chilly air inspiring our choice. While we waited for a friend to join, we also sample

Food Our Way

Written by Chris West on Wednesday, 05 June 2013. Posted in Magazine, Follow This!, Eat This Summer 2013

One could argue that the establishment of a cuisine is based on two things: necessity and availability. But, beyond those foundation factors, cuisine is often shaped by influence. British colonialism brought Indian spices back to the United Kingdom and into indigenous dishes. Native Americans introduced Pilgrims to maize, turning corn into a staple, sustainable crop. And Julia Child brought classic French cooking techniques to American households when she penned The Joy of Cooking.


on Wednesday, 05 June 2013. Posted in Magazine, Eat This Summer 2013

Eat This! has the ultimate cure for your Sweet Tooth.  In European history, the art of pastry was cultivated by artists who sold their pieces to the rich patrons who could afford lavish confections. The art of pastry is now a well-revered tradition and profession. Pastry not only includes items containing butter, eggs and flour; it encompasses the world of chocolate, pastries, cookies, cakes and confections.   Eat This! is delighted to bring you a taste into the Lowcountry’s art of pastry. Sweets to the sweet.