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Bacon. Bourbon. Bliss.

on Monday, 10 February 2014. Posted in Follow This!, Magazine, From The Tap, Do This!, LOCAL Bites

by: Collin Clark

 RHR2748edTwo lines wound their way into Memminger Auditorium, and we chose the one that seemed to lead towards the smell of bacon and away from the cold. As it happened, our chosen line deposited us between the booths of King Street’s Kitchen 208 and Mount Pleasant’s Southerly Restaurant. From Kitchen 208, John Robertson was serving a dish reminiscent of the restaurant’s Cobblestone sandwich - a bacon waffle topped with local tomatoes, arugula, slightly deviled egg, and a garnish of candied bacon. Chad Billings of Southerly took a heavier approach with a bacon lollipop - savory pork belly with kimchi and radish over grits.


Winemaker and Owner Michael Honig of Honig Vineyard & Winery Visits Charleston on February 26 to Host Special Dinner with Chef Jeremiah Bacon at Oak Steakhouse

on Friday, 07 February 2014. Posted in Follow This!, Magazine, From the Cellar, Do This!, LOCAL Bites, Something To Wine About

     Winemaker and owner Michael Honig of Honig Vineyard & Winery visits Charleston on Wednesday, February  26 to host a special dinner with Chef Jeremiah Bacon at Oak Steakhouse. Michael Honig, a leader in sustainable farming, has been running the family-owned winery for the last thirty years after his grandfather passed over the torch.  At the winery, Honig produces some of Napa Valley’s best sauvignon blanc and cabernet sauvignon wines which have received countless accolades from outlets such as 
Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast , Wine & Spirits and more.

Lowcountry Smokehouse Draft Dinner

on Tuesday, 04 February 2014. Posted in Follow This!, Magazine, From The Tap, Do This!, LOCAL Bites

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 6.55.24 PM     
     Chef Garrett Priester & Sous Chef Jonathan DuPriest have prepared an authentic, five-course menu that showcases Southend's beers that are thoughtfully paired with dishes inspired by seasonal flavors and local ingredients with a unique smokehouse style twist. 

A Wintry Mix of Satisfaction and Comfort at Lana:

on Tuesday, 04 February 2014. Posted in Follow This!, Magazine, Do This!, Dine or Dash, LOCAL Bites

by Robin Riebman 
 RHR0461edAll of the dishes on 
Lana's menu are “old-world” inspired with a dramatic presentation. New seasonal preparations include a housemade potato gnocchi and Italian sausage with Calabrese peppers, shaved parmesan, broccoli and toasted bread crumbs, Short Rib prepared with roasted cauliflower and a red wine jus, a Shrimp “Cassoulet”, and Scallops with bagna cauda.

Tristan to Close in April

on Tuesday, 04 February 2014. Posted in Follow This!, Magazine, LOCAL Bites

imagesIn a statment released by Anita Zucker owner/operator, Tristan will close its doors at the end of April. Chef Nate Whiting will continue to oversea Tristan Catering while he and Zucker work on a new concept 492. Renovations are already under way and 492 will be located at 492 King St. 

 “It saddens me to announce that we will be closing Tristan restaurant at the end of April 2014.  I am extremely proud of our many accomplishments at Tristan over the years and am pleased to say that Tristan Catering will continue to operate under the guidance of Executive Chef Nate Whiting.  

We are very enthusiastic about The Relish Restaurant Groups upcoming ventures, especially our new concept, 492, which will be located at 492 King Street. The building is currently undergoing a complete renovation and build-out with an anticipated opening in late Summer/Fall 2014.

We are thrilled to give Chef Nate Whiting the reigns in creating a concept that is reflective of his own vision.”


Anita Zucker


“This is my hot dog, it’s here to stay…

on Friday, 27 September 2013. Posted in Follow This!, Magazine, Do This!, LOCAL Bites, Something To Wine About, Eat This Summer 2013

by Robin Riebman 

Unknown-6“This is my hot dog, it’s here to stay… and for a reason”, proclaims brewer Brian Strumke, as he raises his can of Classique, the newest beer released by his four-year-old company, Stillwater Artisanal.  Strumke, a Baltimore native, describes Classique as “an ale that’s actually a deconstruction of a macro-lager”, created using the same recipe as Natty Boh. He is proud to admit that it’s the first of his beers his father was willing to drink, a mark of success at creating a brew for the masses.


Advanced Somm. Patrick Emerson kicks off new wine venture COMMUNION WINE CLUB, LLC.

on Sunday, 22 September 2013. Posted in Follow This!, Magazine, From the Cellar, LOCAL Bites, Eat This Summer 2013

Patrick Emerson, Advanced Sommelier, is proud to announce the formation of his new full service wine and beverage consultancy, Communion Wine Club, LLC.  (CWC)

“I am excited to offer consulting services to a growing clientele of restaurateurs who are ready to tap into the profitability and energy of a great wine and beverage program,” says CWC founder Patrick Emerson.  “Not long ago, great wine and cocktail lists were hidden away in a small set of fine dining establishments, visited by an elite few. Today’s consumer is wide open and ready to embrace a more diverse, more intense and even provocative drinking experience.  Restaurateurs across the board have an opportunity to tap into this new democratization of good taste by expanding their beverage programs with us at Communion.”

CWC also works at the private level for clients interested in wine dinners, trainings, team building and private tastings, as well as cellar management, purchasing and international wine tours.  CWC will offer an exclusive online wine club with wines handpicked by Emerson in the coming months. 

Buttermilk Dinner at Tristan

on Thursday, 19 September 2013. Posted in Follow This!, Magazine, Do This!, LOCAL Bites, Something To Wine About, Eat This Summer 2013

After a visit to Tristan by acclaimed author and buttermilk purveyor Diane St. Clair, the team at Tristan was inspired to do a special dinner as an homage to buttermilk, the delicious and versatile product that is in the midst of a resurgence in popularity. Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 11.15.07 AM

The Maybank Melting Pot - Sweeney’s menu is all over the map

on Thursday, 11 July 2013. Posted in Follow This!, Magazine, Restaurant Spotlight, LOCAL Bites, Eat This Summer 2013

The Maybank Melting Pot

Sweeney’s menu is all over the map

     As much as native Charlestonians hate to admit it, the invasion from without continues.  The passive opposition to the influx of “the others” that have moved into the area is certainly not as evident or heated as many conversations about immigration is these days, but one thing is certain:  if you’re going to relocate here to the Lowcountry, opening a good restaurant will soften the blow to the locals.


Food Our Way

Written by Chris West on Wednesday, 05 June 2013. Posted in Follow This!, Magazine, Eat This Summer 2013

One could argue that the establishment of a cuisine is based on two things: necessity and availability. But, beyond those foundation factors, cuisine is often shaped by influence. British colonialism brought Indian spices back to the United Kingdom and into indigenous dishes. Native Americans introduced Pilgrims to maize, turning corn into a staple, sustainable crop. And Julia Child brought classic French cooking techniques to American households when she penned The Joy of Cooking.


on Wednesday, 29 May 2013. Posted in Follow This!, Magazine, Eat This Spring 2013

CHARLESTON, SC - Charleston Grill has offered up a second price for the Third Annual Big Green Egg Giveaway at Ted's Butcherblock. Tickets are on sale now for a chance to win one of two prizes: a Big Green Egg smoker and grill or Dinner for Four with wine parings at Charleston Grill. The winners will be announced on Saturday, June 22 at the annual Backyard BBQ Bash at Ted's Butcherblock. Once again this year, The Firehouse Casual Living Store is providing the grand prize, a Big Green Egg. Tickets are available for purchase now at Ted's Butcherblock for $5 each (or 5 for $20), and will be available until the drawing takes place on June 22. Proceeds benefit "Feed the Need," a local non-profit organization.

Irvin-House Wines From Farm to Bottle

Written by Chris West on Monday, 11 February 2013. Posted in Follow This!, Magazine, Eat This Spring 2013

It goes without saying the farm-to-table movement has been in the Charleston restaurant nomenclature for some time now. A bulk of local chefs have been clamoring for heirloom, organically-grown local vegetables and meats while local boutique and artisan farmers have been trying to stay abreast of the supply and demand. Even those who prefer to eat at home, but desire to know where their food is grown, have the opportunity to join seasonal community supported agriculture programs from the myriad local farms.

Charcuterie The Art & Science of the Pig

Written by Antonia M. Krenza & Laney Roberts on Thursday, 15 November 2012. Posted in Follow This!, Magazine, Eat This Winter 2012

Charcuterie is a celebrated culinary art, more so today with many talented chefs introducing their patrons to the wonders of terrines, pates, confit, galantines and crepinettes. These chefs are expanding and evolving the concept, but they would be the first to tell you that they aren’t reinventing the wheel. They are simply paying homage to an old school practice and maybe giving it a little facelift.

Traveling by Palate The Food of Venice with Dick Bosstick

on Sunday, 11 November 2012. Posted in Follow This!, Magazine, LOCAL Bites, Eat This Fall! 2012

Traveling by Palate

The Food of Venice with Dick Bosstick

by Laney Roberts

Dick Bosstick is a chef who takes his life experiences and plates them for his guests. At Butcher & Bee’s Pop Up DInner last Sunday, he served the year he spent in Venice to those (surprisingly few but) fortunate people who attended. I have traveled to Venice and tasted its spirit in the Bellinis and Carpaccios of Harry’s Bar, but only now in Charleston have I tasted it more intimately. His menu offered two choices in each course. My desire to sample it all made me wish I was not dining alone.


on Tuesday, 16 October 2012. Posted in Follow This!, Personalities, Magazine, LOCAL Bites, Eat This Fall! 2012

By: Kathleen Curry


jack headThe US fast food market wasn't always dominated by national franchises. If you were born in the 1960s or later, like yours truly, you haven't known it any other way. On a local scale, Jack Hurley of Jack's Cosmic Dogs (JCD) is determined to change that. 


Originally from Burlington, Vermont, Hurley has linked fixtures of his youth to the present for 11 with a hotdog stand and its ever-evolving menu. The original location is on Hwy 17 North, the other two are on Folly Road and Hwy 61. In 1991, Hurley moved to the Isle of Palms with his wife Priscilla, and sons Morgan and Skylar. Something sparked when he saw a roadside building off Highway 17 North."If a place ever looked like a hot dog joint, that was it." Its menu would feature homemade chili, freshly made coleslaw, longneck Nehi soda, hand-cut fries, soft serve ice cream, shakes, malts, moon pies, and draft root beer, in addition to hotdogs. Its interior would be a bright cheery diner with booths and two-seater tables, and wacky antiques from Hurley's personal collection, like a robot, a plastic tea set chandelier, a kids go cart, and rockets are inside and outside.  On another wall, next to a framed and autographed copy of a Men’s Journal article about JCD (more on that later), there’s a framed 1970 program for William & Mary Football team. Hurley played offensive end; he was coached there by the young Lou Holtz, Marv Levy, & Bobby Ross. ‘Years later, Hurley got a photo with Holtz, and Holtz autographed the program.  ‘Does Hurley see parallels between sports and entrepreneurship? He says, “Competitive sports develops a great work ethic, makes you want to win, and you develop ease with working all types of people to get that win.”  Outside, there’s a JCD authentic airstream trailer with rockets on top; it is used for catering events. Inside and out, the whole package blends well with a retro-style logo designed by Gil Shuler and animated hotdog paintings by Mario Valdes.