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Movia “Puro” Rose A Disgorgement Delight from the Hills of Slovenia

Written by Lauren Levine on Wednesday, 29 August 2012. Posted in Eat This Fall! 2012, From the Cellar

Movia “Puro” Rose A Disgorgement Delight from  the Hills of Slovenia

He placed the wine into my hands very gently upside down. "Handle this with care. Do not turn it right side up and do not let it get warm." I took the dark, heavy bottle from him and rushed this wine directly to the cellar. I checked on it every day until the day of it's fate, the day of it's disgorgement.

Sparkling wine goes through quite a ride before landing in our hands. Beginning as still wine, the juice is bottled and a small dose of sugar, wine and yeast is poured into the still wine, initiating the secondary fermentation. These yeast cells convert the sugar into alcohol, causing carbonation. Slowly, the yeast cells begin to die and create a cloudy looking wine. The tedious action of riddling takes place, slowly turning the bottle into an upside down position, preparing it for disgorgement to remove these expired yeast cells.

 The event that was about to happen is not a common one that consumers experience. Ben Arnold Beverage Company carries Movia's undisgorged sparkling wine, along with the outstanding tasting line-up for the Next Door/Red Drum wine dinner. With only two thousand bottles produced, it is extremely difficult to get your hands on this sparkling wine. 

Movia "Puro" Rose 2004 hails from Slovenia, right along route E55. This very route also glides through Italy and Austria as well. The man who placed this wine into my hands upside down was John Julius. John, along with Jason Freeman, would be exposing this wine post disgorgement. 

The Next Door/Red Drum wine dinner aroused excitement with an all-star 8-wine line-up.  The lyrics from Scenes from an Italian Restaurant play in my mind, four bottles of red and four bottles of white.  The Stadt Krems 2010 Gruner Veltliner from Kremstal, Austria shone brightly, paired with Beusoleil oysters, a delicate gruner veltliner granita iced concoction. The most decadent red wine, Cottanera Fatigione 2006 Nerello Mascalese from Sicily was rich and dense, giving off elegant mineral, red fruits, raspberry and blueberry. The wine complimented the roasted pork loin with ricotta salata in such a way that the flavors melted in your mouth. 

Just as dessert was coming to a close, a small spotlight lit up the grand finale … the disgorgement of Movia "Puro" Rose 2004 from Slovenia. The room came to a silent halt as cameras and phones emerged to turn Next Door into a concert of sorts. Every eye was set on the always upside down bottle, now held under a clear tub filled with water and ice. In one quick motion, the cork was popped. Pieces of water jumped out towards the dining room and the tub water transformed into a light orange color. The bottle finally turned upright just as another bottle flew open on the opposite side of the event. Glasses were passed of this pale salmon/light orange colored unusual sparkling and toasted between each other as guests tasted their first undisgorged wine, filled with hints of apple cider, nutmeg, raspberries and cinnamon. I picked up two glasses myself and headed towards the kitchen as Chef de Cuisine Nathan Hood was walking out. I handed him a glass. We smiled as our glasses touched each other, anticipating the first Monday of the next month, excited about the upcoming Next Door/Red Drum wine dinner. 

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