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From The Editor - Fall 2012

Written by Dee Lambert on Wednesday, 29 August 2012. Posted in From The Publisher

From The Editor - Fall 2012

Our mission at Eat This! has been to highlight those very people that make Charleston such a fascinating foodie destination. I think it is safe to say that great food is not indigenous to our town alone. Food is a celebrated aspect of popular culture, no longer exclusive to the metropolitan. 

As the remnants of summer linger, it is time for us to celebrate the "R" months. In this issue, Eat This! pays homage to an oyster farmer and his craft, Jeff Spahr of Bulls Bay and the harvested, delicious bivalve mollusk. I admit that I never truly paid attention to the "R" month rule. Until this issue, I thought it to be urban legend of some sex-crazed oyster-lover ending up in the ER. The "D" in my name must clearly stand for Danger for each July, I return to my hometown of Pensacola Beach and belly-up to the bar at Peg Leg Pete's. I order a few dozen on the half shell, from the shallow oyster paradise of Apalachicola Bay and wash 'em down with a Bushwacker. Spahr may not approve but then again, he does not know that they use Barcardi 151 in that cocktail. (If that proof cannot kill any potential bacteria, I do not know what will).

We also invite you to kick back on your porch with a high-ball glass of Virgil Kaine Ginger-infused Bourbon as you watch the light outside begin to change and leaves begin to fall. Let our Nates capture your hearts in our Chef and Server Spotlights. Tap into your appreciation for local craft beer out at Bowens Island, enjoy a little wine in reverse, and dive into some Mexican fare whether it be North or South of the Ravenel. We are dishing out the goods this fall — can I get an AMEN (Street) to that?  

And don't forget, 'tis festival time. Be sure to check out Southern Ground as Zac Brown and friends return with South Eastern Chefs and a musical line-up that is sure to make you sing for your supper as well as Taste of Charleston, Music to Your Mouth and Make a Wish Foundation's Wine, Brew & Wishes Too.  

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