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Les Trois Petits Cochons — The Meat Cure

Written by Dee Lambert on Thursday, 15 November 2012. Posted in Magazine, Eat This Winter 2012, From The Publisher

Les Trois Petits Cochons — The Meat Cure

Little pig, little pig, let me come in. Truth be known, the Big Bad Wolf was just under hard times, looking for an economic way to store food for a long and cold winter and in a step program for food addiction and food snobbery. He and the butcher were clearly in cohoots.

People are becoming more and more aware of their food and where it comes from. Movements such as “Farm to Table”, and sustainability redefine themselves across various menus by way of artisan, hand-crafted, and house-made items. Join Eat This!, while we get down and dirty on the farm with Jason Hauser of Meathouse and other celebrated meat artists. What’s the Deihl you ask? We simply want to celebrate charcuterie and embrace the “whole hog”.

Derived from the French word for “cooked meat”, charcuterie is a platter of fine cooked and dry-cured meats, sausages and pate with acidic and savory garnishes. The idea initially, was to utilize the whole animal- to ensure little to no waste and from that, the expressionist era of culinary art was reborn, where preserved food is turned into beauty and taste. Rillettes, salumi, testa, coppa and sopprossata are just a few of the prized products of a gastronomic cult, marrying the classic

European tradition with New World charm.

In our other features, we continue to celebrate sustainability with Stars Vin Tap system and Westbrook’s barrels. The Holidays are quickly approaching, so check out our Do This! for fabulous foodie finds and get ready for your holiday party as Maggi Schultheis, our Bartender Spotlight, busts a moves and pumps up the volume. We are cutting a slice of heaven in our Chef and Server Spotlights and bringing Little Italy to your kitchens in our Chef and Reader Recipes.

We would love hearing from you. Please be sure to become a fan on Facebook or check us out online at www.eatthischarleston.com.

Wishing you all safe and food-filled Holidays from everyone at Eat This!

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