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Don’t Mess With The Stress

on Wednesday, 05 October 2011. Posted in Eat This! Fall 2011

Hire A Professional For Your Party

Don’t Mess With The Stress

With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s arriving in quick succession, one after the other, the holidays are always the most interesting and usually the most fun time of the year. Food, friends and family abound, and parties are the order of the day – and night.

But the festivities of the holiday season can also bring unwanted and unwelcome stress, unless, of course, you hire a professional to help you make it through the hectic period that starts at the end of October and doesn’t let up until the beginning of the new year has come and gone.

Why worry about impressing your guests when you can hire a company with years of experience to make sure your holiday party runs smoothly? These professionals can provide a wide range of options, from tables and chairs to glassware, lanterns, oyster tables, oyster knives and stainless steel crab and lobster crackers. They can even offer an array of lounge furniture or custom-built wooden farm tables and benches for your outdoor party.

With commercial heaters, your party can go on even if Charleston’s typically wonderful weather doesn’t cooperate.
Other possibilities to help deal with the outdoors include hot chocolate, and, for those of legal drinking age, a range
of liquid options to help you stay warm. As the party season approaches, you have two options. You can spend a lot of
time stressing about the details of your holiday gala, or you can spend a little money and let someone else worry
about whether your guests are having a good time. The choice is yours.

Who can you turn to …
when you need someone to take the stress out of hosting a party?

Try these local companies:
ICEBOX Innovative Beverage Services
(843) 407-0473

Event DRS
(800) 818-2737

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