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The Zen of Dining at Eurasia Wine & Cafe

on Friday, 01 July 2011. Posted in Eat This! Summer 2011, Restaurant Spotlight

The Zen of Dining at Eurasia Wine & Cafe

Sometimes, when you least expect it, you find it — that perfect place where time slows down and your mind expands. Most seek and find this place through meditation, while others discover this peace through dining. Dining Zen is not just about transcendence through food, it is also about the positive auras of ambience and service. Not all restaurants achieve this spiritual trifecta and the last place that you’d expect to find this restaurant Nirvana is in a strip mall.

Visualize polished gray-black river stones. Bamboo leaf green interior walls, minimally adorned. Honeyed wood tones of custom built tables… The colors and textures wrap you in a harmonious cocoon of well-being that is contemporaneously relaxed and upbeat. Designed by Dan and Tom Sweeney of Stumphouse Productions, the décor possesses a funky elegance that might be de- scribed as Asian chic tempered by American sensibility. This is Eurasia.

Located in the Whole Food shopping center in Mt. Pleasant, Eurasia is the third and most recent incarnation of a Virginia-based café and wine bar concept. Executive Chef Meredith Adams, an originating partner, teamed up with Andy Fallen, whose local restaurant heritage included Samos Taverna and Peninsula Grill. Today the two feel that they are looking at what may be the “flagship design” to their proven and viable concept.

Perhaps the choice of minimalistic décor is to focus on the art gallery that is Eurasia’s menu. Chef Adams is an artist and the plate is her canvas. Flavors are the pigments she uses to create her artful menu selections with detail in taste and composition. Chef Adams comes from a background of Southern and Asian culinary influences. Realizing that “everyone does not eat from the same page”, she strives for an eclectic line-up of offerings. Though the menus are regionally specific, their focus remains the same throughout their locations — fresh, local, seasonal ingredients respect- fully present with a nod to worldwide culinary traditions.

And the Zen continues … Eurasia’s entire menu is available Monday through Saturday from 11 am until 10 pm. Order whatever you want, whenever you want. There is no dress code. Whether in shorts and flip-flops or tuxedo and dress shoes, the service and the food remain the same. Whoever you are in the moment is welcomed. Chef Adams is as gracious in her kitchen as any Southerner and is as flexible in her culinary sensibilities as any yoga master is of limb. In Eurasia, the guest is also an artist, painting the perfect dining experience.

To compliment your dining experience, Eurasia also offers an eclectic array of beers and new world wines (30 by the glass), as well as a full bar.


by Antonia M. Krenza & Laney Roberts

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