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Lesley Carroll

Written by Chris West on Wednesday, 05 June 2013. Posted in Magazine, Eat This Summer 2013, Bartenders

A Passion. A Project. And Puppies by Chris West

Lesley Carroll

Bartender  |  Owner
The Tin Roof  |  Lucky Puppy Food Truck
1117 Magnolia Road  |  Charleston

It goes without saying that the food truck movement has firmly planted itself in the Charleston culinary landscape. They’ve achieved solidarity with the formation of their own coalition; the cuisines represented are varied offering a mass appeal and they have become a ubiquitous sight among Charleston festivals.

On the other end of this story is the creative spirit of Lesley Carroll. The Tin Roof bartender, along with fellow staff, is responsible for many of the West Ashley haunts nuances: from the quirky décor to their unique themed nights. So after a few defining moments, Lesley parlayed a lifelong love into an idea that put her in the fold of fellow food trucks, only with her trade unique stamp on it.

“I’ve just always been a big dog lover,” Lesley said. “I used to manage a doggie day care in Cleveland back and here in Charleston I started Peace of Mind Pet Sitting in 2001. Doing something with dogs daily was just something I needed.”

Early last year, Lesley and boyfriend Nick attended a food truck rodeo and noticed one missing facet. “So we went to a food truck rodeo but we didn’t bring our dogs because we weren’t sure if they were allowed,” Lesley said of the genesis of the idea. “But when we get there, there were all these dogs and we started thinking: ‘where are they going to get water? There’s nothing here for these dogs.’ And I know if my dogs were there and there was a place to get stuff for them, I’d go. So we decided to make one.”

So they purchased a box truck, but didn’t go into the project in earnest. “So we had the idea, we had the truck, but we were both so busy and it wasn’t getting done,” she said. “Then I spoke with Thea Anderson of the Maker’s Market at Mixson who said: ‘We need some pet element for the market so, if you know anyone …’ And like that we had a deadline and that’s when we really got started.” Nick cut a hole for the window and installed inner walls and they enlisted friend and artist, Johnny Pundt to help paint it and “the little blue truck” was ready to roll.

With Lucky Puppy, think of a mobile pet store, plus. There is Greek yogurt based puppy ice cream, three flavors of doggie treats and cakes, human grade grooming products, toys and training items. “We’re working on collars and leashes so everything dog-related, we’ll have on the truck,” she said. “We’ve got a lot planned for this year, so we’re just ready to get started.”

Now, with a year worth of rodeos, doggie day cares and vet office visits, Lesley is gearing up for the coming season. “Our big idea for this year is a Lucky Puppy Buddy Box,” Lesley said. “Every month you can sign up for a box to just show up at your door with different treats and a few toys. We just launched our website and there you’ll be able to sign up for yourself, as a gift … that’s the next big idea.” Lesley is at Tin Roof most nights and for more information and locations of The Lucky Puppy Truck see their website at luckypuppytruck.com .

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