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Maggi Schultheis Consummate Performer

Written by Chris West on Thursday, 15 November 2012. Posted in Magazine, Bartenders, Eat This Winter 2012

Maggi Schultheis Consummate Performer

“I like anything that is bassey … and I like to show my girlie side and throw pretty vocals in too”
Maggi Schultheis aka ‘DJ Magnetick’

Once you strip away the booze and heavy lifting, being behind a bar is really nothing more than a stage. And it goes without saying that stages naturally lend themselves to performers … actors, dancers, DJs. For Voodoo’s Maggi Schultheis, three out of four ain’t bad.

Getting started at the earliest of childhood, Maggi has been dancing longer than she hasn’t. “Age three, the earliest you can begin dance, I started with ballet and tap,” she said. “Later on as I progressed into Atlanta’s scene, that opened doors into break dancing and getting in with the night life and go-go dancing at clubs. There was a lot more showcasing and performances.” Maggi parlayed her passion for dancing into a management position at Dance 101 in Atlanta and worked in choreography and music videos before eventually relocating to Charleston.

Her love of dance followed her here and for the past three years, she has been an instructor at the Magnolia Dance Academy. “Right now between children and adults I only teach Hip Hop,” Maggi said. “But I’ll be adding Hip Hop tap again, dancer stretch classes that blend yoga and Pilates geared toward the dancer’s body, some choreography sequences and a little bit of break dancing to keep the Hip Hop raw and fresh.”

With dance, there is usually music and when Maggi isn’t dancing to it, she is making it behind her rig as DJ Magnetik. Getting her start a year and a half ago, she gigs frequently around town and is the house DJ for Voodoo’s ever-popular Lunacy Parties. “Back when I was 18, I was heavy into the rave scene,” Maggi said. “I had friends that introduced me to the music and they are still the best DJs I know, they’ve been my mentors. Also with teaching classes, I would play certain mixes and I would think: ‘this song should go somewhere else, why is it there in the list?’ and that’s something that’s been there for years.”

If you’re at one of Maggi’s shows expect heavy leanings on Dubstep as her genre of choice. “I like anything that is bassey,” she said. “And I like to show my girlie side and throw pretty vocals in too. But I like it because it’s challenging on the dancer; it’s moves on the offbeat. But it’s that bass line that just rolls through my body, so that’s the dancer side of me hearing it. Sometimes it can be a little too challenging for the average dancer in a club, but I like to see people get out of their box.”

Beyond her passions, Maggi is part of the small staff she calls her “family” at Voodoo. Look for her especially on “iPod Mondays” when you get to play DJ and definitely make her set at this year’s Skinful. Eventually, Maggi hopes to bring a Dance 101 (an all-adult studio dedicated to dance fitness) to the Charleston area; look for it early next year.

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