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Great Expectations

on Wednesday, 23 May 2012. Posted in Magazine, Servers, Eat This! Summer 2012

Great Expectations

By Antonia Krenza & Laney Roberts

SUBJECT: Andy McCarthy

Owner / Mobile Cuisine Restauranteur / Ball Juggler

ORIGINS:  Atlanta, GA

EDUCATION:  University of Georgia

Biology Major

F&B EVOLUTION: For a short time while in high school, Andy was a server at a Tex Mex restaurant. While in college and during subsequent travels (California and the South Pacific) he spent time cooking and bartending.

INSPIRATIONS: Paletas — Mexican popsicles sold from street carts

Mixology: The taking of fresh, local and organic ingredients and combining them in unique ways — grapefruit and mint, chocolate and sea salt, chocolate chip bacon cookie, pineapple and Habanero … Endless possibilities.

Michael Jackson: King of Pop, get it?  Andy is on a mission to share frozen love and joy across the Lowcountry guided by the vision and dreams of KOP founders — three brothers from HOTlanta. They aim to, "provide an ecologically responsible, fresh, all natural frozen treat in a fun neighborhood environment." untitled 79_of_247

BUSINESS CATALYST: Downward Trending Economy. Translated - Andy's buddy got laid off from his job. What the hell?! Let's do this popsicle thing we've been talking about. After a successful first year in Atlanta, Andy gave in to Charleston's siren call and brought the King of Pops to the Lowcountry. That was a year ago and he is now simultaneously operating five carts around and about at farmers markets, Folly Beach and various festivals and events.

WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS: Retail Merchandising — you can now find King of Pops at Caviar & Bananas, Bull Street Gourmet & Market and Whole Foods. Exciting as it may be, Andy wonders just how big you can get without sacrificing that handcrafted, local, sustainable and organic trademark that makes him the King of Pops. 

Artistic Culinary CollaborationS: Andy has already collaborated with Holy City Brewing Co. in creating a Chocolate Porter Pop and with the Savannah Bee Company in creating a Lavender and Honey Pop. His next adventure involves collaborating with local restaurants to mimic their popular desserts in popsicle form. 

PHILOSOPHY: Popsicles = Happy People. How can your life be bad when your business is serving "frozen happiness" to the public? Still, it is more than great product that makes King of Pops a success. It is a personality with talent and vision like Andy's, serving his pops with charm and playful energy, that allows us to introduce our newest "social scientist." 


Photography by Stacy Howell

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